Data Recovery Services
Our 22nd Year Recovering Data

If you do not wish to read this page, and have an emergency, please call 440-779-4080 right now.

Continued use of the device may permanently make the data unrecoverable.

Before you read the technical stuff, here's the bottom line:
  • You lost your data, you want it back!
  • If the data was on the computer, bring it in
  • If it was on an external device (like in the pictures below), bring them in
  • We will examine your PC or storage devices and give you a FREE ESTIMATE
  • If no is data recovered, NO CHARGE! (unless special procedures are used, and we will quote their cost)
  • Recovery charges start at $60.00
  • Now call us at 440-779-4080 and let's get your data back! A friendly technician is waiting to help you. Call between 9 AM and 9 PM Monday through Saturday. Store hours are listed on the main page

We can recover data from all types of media and storage devices. Disks drives, removable media, or removable storage devices - all are routinely recovered in our lab. Data recovery can be part of a computer repair, or a stand-alone process for submitted media or storage device. Mac or PC, Windows, DOS, LINUX, OSX, all types of media and formats are recovered by our technicians. Data recovery charges start at $60.00, and estimates for recovery are free. Call or stop in today.

Call us: 440-779-4080      See maps below for our location.

We can recover lost data from:


Internal Hard Disk Drives:
  • IDE - all capacities and form factors
  • EIDE - all capacities and form factors
  • SATA-all capacities and form factors
  • SCSI - I, II, UW, all types
  • Notebook drives - all capacities
  • RAID Systems: in Computer
  • RAID Systems: External, all types
USB Flash (thumb) Drives:
  • All capacities
  • Physically Damaged Drives
External Hard Disk Drives:
  • USB Hard Drives
  • Firewire Hard Drives
  • eSATA Hard Drives
  • SCSI Hard Drives
Removable Optical Media:
  • CD ROM
  • CD-R
  • CD-R
  • DVD
  • DVD-R, single & dual layer
  • DVD-RW, single & dual layer
Removable Magnetic Disk Media:
  • Floppy disks-All sizes and densities
  • Zip disks
Magnetic Tape Media:
  • QIC Tape-all capacities
  • DAT Tape-All capacities
Flash Memory Devices:
  • All USB flash drives, all capacities
  • SD Cards
  • Micro SD Cards
  • CompactFlash/Micro Drive

  • Olympus and Fuji Film flash
  • T-Flash/microSD/ microSDHC
  • Memory Stick/MS Duo
  • Memory Stick Micro (M2)

At PC Power, we take your need to preserve your data seriously. Your data is the real value in your business or personal life, as it represents a real dollar value that far outweighs the value of your computing equipment. Replacing that data would be very costly, if not nearly impossible.

If you have lost your data on your computer hard drive, or any removable media, or can no longer see it as it usually appears, please call us. We are experts in restoring and recovering lost, damaged or scrambled data, and lost or damaged hard drives. We have software and hardware tools in which we have invested thousands of dollars to facilitate data and hard drive recovery.

Here are a few indicators that data recovery is needed:

On your hard drive:
  1. System cannot see a drive, even though the media is inserted
  2. You are unable to boot the system
  3. Windows asks for a boot disk
  4. "No" or "missing" operating system message
  5. Other messages indicating the drive is not there or not recognized
  6. Data file is reported missing or "cannot be found" by a program
  7. Data or file/directory structure appears in a strange fashion
  8. "Alien" writing as file or directory names
  9. Operating System wants to scan the hard disk and finds bad or lost clusters
  10. "Bad" sectors have appeared on your drive
  11. Messages from your virus detector software about a virus on your drive
On removable media:
  1. The computer does not recognize that the media is in the drive or port
  2. The computer does not recognize that the media is formatted
  3. Files or directories have just disappeared
  4. Windows offers to scan the media because problems were detected
  5. Windows offers to format the media
On Smartphones:
  1. All of your photos have disappeared and you can't find them
  2. Someone has erased text messages and you want to read them
  3. Phone call records have been deleted and you want to see them
These can be very unsettling messages. If you do not feel that you can implement recovery yourself, call PC Power at once when these messages appear. Remember, most data can be recovered if you shut down the system and call a professional. In most cases when the data is rendered unrecoverable, it was because someone tried to retrieve it, and destroyed it instead.

Please do not do the following things that make the data really unrecoverable:
  1. Go on using the system or media in spite of the messages: turn it off immediately
  2. Ignore system warnings
  3. Try to fix the problem with low cost consumer disk utilities
  4. Let people who are unqualified in data recovery attempt to work on it.

Please remember: We do several data recovery operations every day here at PC Power, and have been recovering data for 22 years. Please do not use consumer software or Freeware to attempt data recovery. Please do not attempt to do it yourself, or let a "Computer Expert" friend, neighbor or relative attempt recovery. Many times, a bungled recovery attempt causes the data to be damaged, and makes professional recovery impossible.

Key features of our services
  • We care about your immediate problem
  • We care about getting your data restored and getting your computer back to work.
  • All data is considered private (company data, photos).
  • Same-day service in emergencies (emergency fees may apply).
  • Same-day data recovery AND replacement of bad hardware containing your data is available.
  • CD, CD-R, CD-RW, Flash and floppy media can be looked at while you wait.
  • You may be able to have some or all of your data restored today.

Where we are located:

Located in North Olmsted Ohio, our company data recovery and computer repair facility is easy to find. Please use the maps below to locate our company at 23792 Lorain Rd. Unit 300, North Olmsted, Ohio 44070. The phone number is 440-779-4080.

PC Power - Computer Services
23792 Lorain Rd. Unit 300
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070
Phone: 440-779-4080

PC Power accepts VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER CARD, and the American Express Card.

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