Electronics Services
Our 26th Year providing repair and recovery services

Help with electronic devices by phone (usually FREE!)

We solder almost ANYTHING!
     A phone call to us may solve your problem. We provide:
  • Answers to your questions
  • Direction to a solution - even if it's not through us
  • An estimate of cost if we can provide a solution
  • An appointment for you to come in for more complex problems
  • ..and yes, we fix just about anything that uses electricity

Services Provided (these may incur charges):
Well, almost ANYTHING.
  • Soldering/desoldering something
  • Circuit board repair
  • Circuit board component replacement
  • Repair of consumer items (audio and video components including automotive, call first)
  • Repair of car accessories: electronic remotes, most radios (call first)
  • Repair of classic audio, tube and musical instrument amplifiers (tube-based)
  • Repair of electronic musical instrument accessories (guitar pedals, effects)
  • Repair of industrial and commercial equipment (controllers, timers, etc.)
  • Electronic component sourcing
  • Repair evaluation of damaged or non-working devices
  • Testing components or modules - if we are able
  • Answers to "How do I ..." questions to solve a need or resolve a problem
  • Electronic design assistance
  • Circuit and circuit board design
  • Prototype fabrication

I just don't know what to do!

Let us know if you need our help with the problem:

By phone: 440-779-4080 (Please leave a message if it goes into voice mail)

Send an inquiry by email with our inquiry form:  CLICK for Inquiry Form
Get an answer by email, or request a phone call.

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PC Power - Computers and Electronics
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