In-Shop Service from PC Power
We repair ALL brands of PC-compatible computers, notebooks and peripherals.
We repair ALL Apple computers, tablets and peripherals.

Our shop has been repairing computers for 25 years in North Olmsted -
longer than any others in the area

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When it comes to computer repair, we are different:
  • We speak english, not tech-talk.
  • We may solve your problem over the phone with our advice.
  • We have many ways to repair your computer:
    • We can remotely repair many problems over the Internet.
    • You may bring your repair into our shop.
    • We can send someone to disconnect your computer and bring it in to the shop for you.
    • We can send a technician to your home or office to do on-site repair.
  • Notebook computers may be examined while you are in our shop.
  • Data recovery items may be examined while you are in our shop.
  • Special services for SENIORS and people who have difficulty getting their repair to us.
  • We are friendly.
  • If you're not sure what's wrong, please call us.
  • Call 440-779-4080 now for repair, or to just ask questions.

  Our technicians will:

Yes, we do:

  •  Perform almost any PC, Notebook, or Apple Product Repair
  • Install accessories or upgrades-even if purchased elseware
  • Install upgrades: Processor, memory, hard disks, ports, sound boards, video boards, CD/DVD-ROMS or burners
  • Re-install Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.
  • Trouble shoot your system when you DON'T KNOW what's wrong, if you caused it, what to do.
  • Advise you on future upgrades to extend the life of your computer
  • Evaluate systems for a replace-or-upgrade decision
  • Almost any repair
  • Repair dropped units
  • Estimates on fire or lightning damage
  • Repair on fire, water or lightning damage
  • Advise you on a new unit if repair/upgrade is not advisable
  • Work well with new English language speakers.

 Premium Service

 Same-Day Repair

 Next-Day Repair
  •  M-F: in by 2:00 PM, out by 5:00PM
  • Sat: in by 11:00 AM, out by 5:00 PM
  • Parts must be local or in-stock
  • Reg. parts & labor, plus a $50.00 premium charge will apply
  • If we are unable to get parts, the unit will fall into the next-day repair catagory
  •  M-F: in by 2:00 PM, out by 5:00 PM next day
  • Sat: in by 11:00 AM, out Mon. by 5:00 PM
  • Repairs brought in Sat. must have parts in stock
  • Parts must be in stock or overnight freight, freight charges applied to your bill
  • Reg. parts & labor, plus a $25.00 premium charge will apply
Please call for the availability of these services. They may not be available at all times.

At PC Power, we are here to help. If you messed up an installation, or even caused the problem yourself, call us! We can help!

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PC Power - Computers and Electronics
23792 Lorain Rd. Unit 300
North Olmsted, Ohio 44070
Phone: (440)779-4080