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Local Area Networks
Ready to connect your PC's together? Add to an existing network? We can do this with wired or wireless technology, in your office or home. Two or 200 PCs, it's all done the same way. We will supply all needed components and the expertise. (Wiring sub-contractors may be used to run cable in your building(s).)
Virtual Private Networks
Want to link two network locations together? We can provide a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to do this and provide the security you need to protect your proprietary information. You will see the computers at the other location as though they were there in your building! (requires a STATIC IP and HIGH SPEED Internet access)
Remote Network Access
Please see the "Remote Access" page.
Network Security
We provide security products such as firewalls, virus protection, intruder detection/alerts, and more, for workstations, networks and servers. If you have these tools on some or all of your workstations, and would like server proteection, we can help. If you are using one copy of software for "ALL" of your PCs, we can quote licensing to make your site complient with legal licensing rules. The software vendors are very helpful with this process, and we have helped many companies to do this. Please contact us with your needs.
Wireless Networks

Wireless network or combination wired and wireless networking are done by our inside and outside technicians every week. Let us evaluate your needs, and we will suggest an economical solution that meets your needs.

PC Power has provided networks for individuals, businesses and professionals since 1994. Please call us with any questions you may have about your network needs.

PC Power accepts VISA, MASTER CARD,DISCOVER CARD, and theAmerican Express Card.

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