Classic Electronics Repair

We repair almost all classic electronics (except transmitters and tranceivers) from the 30's through the 90's. Whether it's your grandpa's old tube table radio or that Reel-to reel tape deck you brought back from the PX on your way home from 'Nam, we can fix it! If you want to determine repair costs (and freight if you are shipping the item to us), please call us at 440-779-4080 or use our contact page. Fill in the area at the bottom of the form with the description of the item, make, model, problem and a list of missing parts, if any. If you just need some parts, please describe them and also include the product description, make and model. We will be happy to quote a repair or needed parts to make PC Power Classic Electronic Repair your favorite place to make the old stuff work again.
Confused? Free help, call 440-779-4080 or Toll-free: 866-779-4080
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