Repair Pickup and Delivery Service from PC Power
We repair ALL brands of PC-compatible computers and peripherals
This service is available in our regular shop service area for cities listed below.

 Our Driver will:
  • Pickup a PC or peripheral from your home or office for repair or upgrade in our shop
  • Deliver a PC or peripheral after repair is done
  • Deliver new equipment from PC Power to your your home or office
  • Collect the payment for the repair and pickup/delivery service
Our Driver is:
  • Technically oriented to PC operation and repair
  • Polite at all times
  • Able to answer questions
  • Able to work patiently with Seniors

 Pickup and Delivery Service Areas

Pickup and Delivery Charges



North Olmsted (within our home city)

Bordering communities: Westlake, Fairview Park, Olmsted Falls, Olmsted Township, North Ridgeville east of Rt. 83

Outlying communities: Bay Village, Rocky River, North Ridgeville west of Rt. 83, Avon, Avon Lake, Berea


 Price (see note)


$ 20.00


 $ 25.00


 $ 30.00



A Senior Citizen discount of $10 will
apply in any zone.
A note on Price: the price shown includes pickup and delivery of the equipment in the zone shown. We will pick up up to three items (ie: a PC system, monitor, and printer including cables) for the price shown. Items in excess of this number will be priced as need arises. If an item is carries in to our store, and only delivery is required, the charge will be 1/2 of the shown price. The same applies if a picked up (by us) item is picked up at our store. Arrangements for pickup and delivery must be made 24 hours in advance, and arrangements for reschedulding any pickup or delivery must be made 24 hours in advance also.

At PC Power, we arehere to help. If you messed up an installation, or even causedthe problem yourself, call us! We can help!

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