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Solutions over the Internet

Do you need help with these problems?
  • Your PC is not working properly
  • You get wierd messages or error codes
  • Can't install new software or device (printers, etc.)
  • Just can't do what you want with your PC
Don't waste a whole evening or weekend trying to fix the problem. We can help!

Get help NOW! We can fix many problems over the Internet.

This connection requires a high-speed Internet connection (DSL or Cable)

  1. Call (216)505-5360 (long distance charges may apply)
  2. A technician will take your credit card information.
  3. A deposit of $49.99 plus tax will be placed on your credit card.
  4. You will be instructed to go to our Remote Repair page.
  5. The technician will instruct you to download and install our Remote software.
  6. When you activate the software, a 4-digit random PIN will be generated.
  7. Give your 4-digit PIN to the technician.
  8. Your PC will be connected to our system over the Internet
  9. A technician will diagnose your problems and run diagnostics
  10. Session cost is $99.99 per hour, not including the time we spend taking your name and credit card information

Click on the 'Remote Support' icon to download the software to your PC: 

Here is what will happen:
  • We see your problem immediately as you see it on your screen
  • Problems can be solved while you watch the computer
  • We can take over your mouse and keyboard to correct the problem
  • We can download diagnostic software to help solve the problem
  • We can run your Windows applications as if we were there

Call us and schedule a session today, or any time you are "stuck" with a problem

Call (216)505-5360
        • By telephone: Anywhere in the United States
        • By Internet: Anywhere in the United States
        • Carry-in service: Northeastern Ohio, USA
        • On-Site Service: Northeastern Ohio, USA

PC Support Ohio accepts VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER CARD, and the American Express Card.

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