PC Power
Remote Repair Services

Get your computer problems fixed over the Internet.

Many problems can be solved this way although there are limitations.
With your permission, we can connect to your computer and make repairs.

The only requirements are:
  1. You have a high-speed Internet connection (wired or wireless).
  2. Your PC is able to access the Internet at this time.

      You will need to get a special PIN (Personal Id Number) from us to engage in a remote support session. You will also need a credit or debit card to pre-pay for the session.
Here's how to get this help right now:
  1. Call PC Power on the telephone at 440-779-4080
  2. Ask for 'Remote support' (the remote support technician will set up a time that is convenient for you for your session)
  3. The technician will talk you through the remainder of the session.

      During the support session, a technician will take over control of your screen, mouse and keyboard functions, and conduct tests and make changes to your PC to correct problems you are experiencing. You will be able to watch the technician work on your screen.

      The technician may choose to download software tools to your PC to aid with the testing or corrective action taken to remedy PC problems. Some of these tools are programs that may prove useful to you to solve problems in the future, and may be left on your PC at no charge to you.

      At the end of each session, all outside connections to your PC are terminated, and all programs to establish such connections are closed. An icon for our Remote Repair program may be left on your desktop. YOU must initiate all future "Remote Repair" sessions with this icon if desired. You may delete the icon and program if you wish.

This service is UNAVAILABLE at this time. Please call us to schedule a call.

When the technician tells you, click this button to start the session.

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