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PC Power can supply all the hardware and software needed for your server needs. ALL Microsoft operating systems and Linux systems are in our installed base of satisfied customers. High power Intel and AMD CPU-based systems are our specialty. We can build servers ourselves, or provide name-brand computers to meet the needs of our customers. What is most important, is that our history and capabilities cannot be described in the confines of a web page.

Call PC Power at (216) 505-5360 for an analisys of your server needs and a proposal for a solution from us.

Network Server
Although not required in a peer-to-peer network, a "Server" can be the repository of your data and other information that needs to be available to many users on the network. We can add a server where one did not previously exist, or we can add a second (or more) server if the need for more or specialized servers arises. We can also configure your programs to access the now-centralized data base where before, the data was on each PC.
FTP Server
For those who need file transfer to and from the Internet, with security in mind, also, consider an FTP server. his allows users to upload and download files, with the proper credentials for security.

Web Server

If you want control over your website, or need the web server to be local for data base or other maintenance, consider a web server. High speed internet is the minimum requirement. For high-access web servers, a T1 line or similar may be needed. Contact us for an evaluation of your web server needs.

PC Power accepts VISA, MASTER CARD,DISCOVER CARD, and theAmerican Express Card.

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